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This is Your Brain on Choline

This is Your Brain on Choline

Peter Coss |

With so much to remember, life feels like a never ending list of “to-dos”. Getting proper sleep, eating right, drinking lots of water, and taking frequent mental breaks, are all ways to get a quick brain refresh. Another tip from mental health experts, write down your thoughts and ideas before completing a large important project. This way you can give your new assignment the full attention it deserves. This is sometimes called a “brain dump” since it allows your brain to let go of the information standing in the way of progress. In the same spirit of “work smarter not harder”, Nootropics are making their way in the scene and gaining deserved notoriety. Nootropics, also called “smart supplements”, are known for their ability to improve mental performance. They act as a stimulant to help with attention span and can even improve brain health due age related decline. Here are a few helpful options for getting your life back in order with the power of Nootropics. 

CDP Choline supports working memory, motivation and problem solving ability. It helps support your ability to learn and retain information better and has even been thought to help with problem solving. CDP Choline is a nutrient that acts as a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is responsible for numerous bodily functions with its main responsibility being that of a neurotransmitter. This electrical connection between neurons sends messages back and forth which contributes to its cognitive support and helps with improving overall mood. 

Another building block called Uridine has been found to support brain function by promoting the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine in the brain. It is often referred to as a beginner Nootropic because it is a simple, safe and powerful place to start boosting brain strength. Uridine has also been found to support cholinergic brain function, making it a great companion to CDP Choline

By promoting the synaptic connections together with CDP Choline, Uridine can assist with brain health and is key in the synthesis of R.N.A. Together, the power couple CDP Choline and Uridine yield maximum cognitive results to help you get through even the thickest brain fog. Make the smartest choice of all and select the CDP Choline/ Uridine Combo pack. Select subscribe and save for an extra 10% off. As always all Doublewood supplements are third party tested and made in the USA. Both Uridine and CDP Choline are GMO free, Soy free and Gluten free. And all Doublewood Supplements come with a Money Back Guarantee for quality assurance. So you have nothing to lose! A clear focused mind awaits.