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Double Wood Supplements Affiliate Program

Want to make money promoting Double Wood Supplements products?

Our affiliate program allows anyone with a website or social media presence to earn commissions on every referral they make.

Double Wood Supplements is a dietary supplements company that offers a wide variety of niche supplements including many nootropics, an exclusive niche with very few sellers. Our average order is $48 with 1.2 items per purchase. We have conversion rates between 2 - 5% with an average EPC of $4.10. We have been in business for over 8 years and have a large, loyal customer base and excellent reputation

Once approved, you can generate custom links to our website that will give you credit for any sales made by customers that click them. If you place these links on your website or social media posts, they can allow easy and long-term monetization of your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

We offer very generous commissions that increase as you make sales. Our commissions are grouped into tiers based on an affiliates total lifetime sales, so once you reach a new tier you'll stay there as long as you remain in our program.

Our base commission rate for new affiliates is 10%, with the following tiers available based on total sales:

  • Base: 10%
  • 25 Total Sales: 12.5%
  • 50 Total Sales: 15%
  • 100 Total Sales: 17.5%
  • 250 Total Sales: 20%
  • 500 Total Sales: 22.5%
  • 1000 Total Sales: 25%

How long do referrals have to make a purchase after clicking my link?

Our affiliate program uses a cookie length of 60 days which means that users who click your referral link have 60 days to make a purchase in which you'll earn a commission.