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The Cell - Renewing Benefits of Spermidine — and How It Improves Longevity

The Cell - Renewing Benefits of Spermidine — and How It Improves Longevity

Peter Coss |

According to a new research article published this week, the anti-aging market’s value is predicted to reach USD $1.93 billion by the year 2028

The report by Global Market Insights Inc. predicts the anti-aging ingredients market will register at 7.9% CAGR between 2022 and 2028, due to rising interests in personal care and health, and propelled by an increase in consumer spending.

Humans are living longer than they ever have, so we’ve become increasingly interested in vitality and longevity — that’s why the anti-aging ingredient market is set to boom.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that everyone wants to fight the effects of aging. Yet getting older is something we all have to deal with — for now. As researchers continue to learn more about how our bodies age, and how to potentially slow that process down, it seems there’s a surprising new anti-aging discovery every week.

With spermidine, scientists have successfully isolated a molecule found in semen of all places. It turns out spermidine plays an essential role in the health and functioning of a wide range of organ systems, from our brain to our heart, to our skin. Although we are all born with high levels of this substance, our spermidine levels begin to drop off precipitously after the age of 30.

This decrease in such a critical source of cellular health and longevity very likely contributes to many negative effects of aging, including less elastic skin, declining brain health, poor sleep quality, and brittle hair and fingernails. There is mounting evidence that low spermidine levels may increase the risk for conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimers, and heart disease.

Spermidine is a polyamine molecule that works by inducing a process called autophagy in our cells. Autophagy is a widely documented effect in our cells where dysfunctional proteins are removed and useful components are recycled. While methods such as fasting and calorie restriction can induce autophagy, multiple published studies have shown that spermidine has a remarkable ability to mimic the autophagic effects of fasting in cells throughout the body.

One study of mice published in 2018 found that spermidine induced autophagy and decreased visible effects of aging on the brain in the study group.  

There are natural food sources to help increase spermidine levels in the aging body, including green peppers, aged cheese, mushrooms, and many legumes. In fact, spermidine is plentiful in the so-called Mediterranean Diet, which has been linked to increased longevity and improved wellness.

Spermidine supplementation is another powerful way to gain the cell-restoring benefits of a diet rich in spermidine. DoubleWood Supplements developed its 100% all-natural Spermidine supplements by adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry. All DoubleWood products are made in the USA and thoroughly analyzed and third-party lab tested for safety.

Each 5 mg capsule is carefully calibrated to support healthy aging and cognition by boosting much-needed spermidine levels in the body. Recommended dosage is one to two capsules, or 5–10 mg, which can be increased to a two to four capsule dosage of 10–20 mg if desired. DoubleWood Supplements does not recommend exceeding a four capsule dosage. This product can be taken with or without food.

Numerous studies at typical doses show that Spermidine does not cause adverse side effects. It should be noted that side effects could be found with further research, and that users should adhere to recommended dosages. You should always keep your physician informed of any nutritional supplements you are taking, including spermidine.