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Mermaid Mocktail Lemonade Recipe

Mermaid Mocktail Lemonade Recipe

Peter Coss |

When life hands you lemons and blue spirulina, you make a Mermaid Mocktail Lemonade!

Double Wood's blue spirulina is a superfood from sea but don't worry, there's no fishy after-taste here! It's an edible, blue-green algae made up of over 60% plant protein and contains 18 essential amino acids. Some even replace their multivitamin with blue spirulina due to it's high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  

This specific type of spirulina contains a higher phycocyanin content than normal and contributes to it's beautiful aquamarine color. Phycocyanin has been shown to have a number of health benefits including fighting free-radical damage, curbing cravings, increasing energy and supporting kidney and brain health.

Try this refreshing drink that's free of artifical anything at your 4th of July party or at your next summer celebration.



  1. Pour the water into a mason (or shaker cup) and whisk in all ingredients, until well combined. Add ice if needed
* TIP: Use room-temperature or slightly warm water to avoid the spirulina from clumping up.