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Live Long & Prosper with NMN

Live Long & Prosper with NMN

Peter Coss |

The global beauty industry is valued at a staggering $511 billion dollars and growing. It’s believed women spend about $313 a month on their appearance alone. Yet, we hear again and again, never to judge a book by its cover. Filters, fillers, make up, hair extensions, fake nails and eyelashes. They all give the facade that one is young and healthy. But some researchers say, investing in your health and beauty from the inside out could actually be the best way to keep the dewy glow of your youth burning strong. In this article we will study one of the newest and most revolutionary supplements to hit the beauty market. And this supplement is backed by some serious science. 

The fountain of youth is a long time legend. What if the legend were true? David Sinclair, Harvard professor and modern day Ponce de Leon, has been studying aging and its effects for decades. Sinclair believes with modern technology, the aging process cannot only be slowed down, but can even be reversed. His company Iduna has set out to prove just that. Using epigenetic reprogramming factors, also known as Yamanaka factors, Sinclair believes he can regulate gene activity and mitigate aging. Particularly in regards to the naturally occurring molecule NMNNMN is the precursor to NAD+ the most abundant molecule in the human body besides water. This coenzyme is found in every cell of your framework. Without NAD+, an organism could not survive. It is required for cellular functions and is a catalyst for all biochemical reactions in the body. By increasing NMN levels in the body, people report side effects such as increased stamina, improved memory, improved fertility, improves stem cell health and repairs DNA damage. These data driven improvements make NMN an appealing addition for anyone looking to look and feel better longer.   

For extra cardiovascular, cognitive and longevity support, pair your daily NMN intake with ResveratrolResveratrol is a polyphonic bioflavonoid with antioxidant properties like those found in grapes and wine. It is believed to support healthy blood pressure levels as well as improved cognitive function via increased cerebral blood flow. Receive all the health benefits of red wine without the dehydrating effects. 

NMN and Resveratrol are commonly used together to maximize the benefits of each other. Support your longevity and reduce age related decline with our combo pack, for maximum savings. All of our supplements are made in the US and come with a 100% money back guarantee. And each supplement is third party tested for purity. Unlock your beauty from the inside out.