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6 Healthy & Realistic New Year Resolutions Worth Keeping

6 Healthy & Realistic New Year Resolutions Worth Keeping

Peter Coss |

New Year Enhanced You

Happy New Year! As a new year begins, so begins new feelings of hope, conviction, opportunity and renewal. We have been blessed with the chance to begin again and make new choices with this new year. Reflect on what we want to keep and what should be left behind. Rethink your life. What do you want for yourself? Hopefully this is the year you make yourself a priority and make your own health the beacon to help lead you to your true self. 

#1 Make a Plan: You know what changes you need to work on. It’s time to hold yourself accountable. Write them down! Make a plan to change and commit to it! Experts say journaling and creating actionable goals can drastically increase your chances of following through. You owe it to yourself! Make this new year, YOUR year. 

#2 Get some sleep. Being Tired and groggy is no way to start the new year. Imagine starting each day feeling refreshed and clear. Think about how that could change your entire day and overall outlook. Sleep has been found to lower stress levels, improve immune system health and improve overall mood. This can help with decision making, appearance, metabolism, digestion making/ grogginess, and help you manage day to day life.  

#3 Drink more water. As water flows so will your greatest accomplishments this year. Replenish yourself. Give yourself life and life will reward you. Water is one of our most basic staples for health and wellness. When we feel better we act better, live happier, feel more energized and make better choices. 

#4 Give up unhealthy habits. Let's be honest with ourselves. Do you smoke? Do you exercise? Do you visit the dr regularly? Do you eat excessive amounts of fast food? You know what you need to do. It’s time to stop fighting the experts and your body. Treat your body with respect and become an advocate for your own health and wellness. Your body will thank you. 

#5 Start a supplement regimen. Any important change in life requires a strong support system for success. This can mean not only asking for help, but also learning to accept it. Having issues with sleep? Magnesium L Threonate can help support healthy sleeping habits as well as cognitive function. Need a mood and immune system boost? Double Wood’s Vitamin D3K2 blend is the perfect fix. Vitamin D3K2 can also support bone health, without the potential risk of hypercalcemia through Vitamin D supplementation alone. Get an immune system and cognitive function support through Lion’s Mane, shown to support the proliferation of neurons. Or add some tasteless Collagen Peptide to your favorite healthy beverage for support with skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones. 

#6 Practice grace. As important as it may be to hold yourself responsible for the goals you have set forth in this new year, do not let those convictions turn into excuses and obstacles. Missing a goal or milestone in this process is not reason to give up entirely. You have to get back on the horse and try again. Keep yourself in check, but don’t bury yourself in burdens. You deserve this change! Don't become your own obstacle.