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4 Foods to Get Rid of Intense Food Cravings

- Guest post by Mia Morales

intense food cravings

Are you having a problem with losing weight? Finding it hard to make time to do all that meal prepping entails? If so, the information in this article can help you make small changes that provide a viable solution. Even though the reasons for the lack of weight loss usually varies from person to person, there are some common issues that many unsuccessful dieters deal with. Typically, one of the notable of these concerns is related to food cravings.

A food craving can be described as a strong desire for a specific type of food. According to health and medical experts today, this intense desire may only last about 3 to 5 minutes. Even though this assumption is considered to be based on certain research studies, some dieters say that this strong urge will not go away until their body gets what it's craving for. Whatever the case or situation, some professionals in the health and nutrition field are saying that there are some foods that people can eat to reduce and eliminate these cravings.

That being said, here is a list of foods that can help to control the desire for sugars, carbs, junk, and processed foods.

Eat eggs and Egg Omelets - High Protein-Packed Breakfast

To address food cravings, you may want to think about adding more eggs into your daily diet. Instead of eating breakfast at a fast-food chain, you can take better control of your diet by simulating the techniques that meal prepping services can provide to you. For instance, instead of buying tasteless eggs from a local restaurant, you make your own fresh eggs and egg omelets at home. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and a tried and proven way of eliminating food cravings at night. In fact, studies have shown a huge change in cravings when overweight men increased the amount of protein to 25% of their caloric consumption. Based on this research, this group reduced their snack craving attacks at night by as much as 60%. It is also important to note that adolescent girls experienced similar results when they consumed high protein breakfasts that contained eggs.

Eat Nuts for Snacks

Food cravings can be very destructive to any diet. Just when you think you have mastered the art of following a nutritious diet plan by using the best meal prepping services, you can be attacked by strong cravings for ice cream, chocolate, and other sweets. To avoid these pitfalls, you may want to carry your favorite nuts along with you. Nuts like walnuts, brazil nuts, and almonds are not only healthy and nutritious for the body but will also provide you with the protein and fibers that you need. The taste and the nutrition that your body gets is good for satisfying the intense cravings and good for fat burning diet plans.

Follow a Liquid Diet Plan - Drink Loads of Water and Non-Carb Drinks

Anything that you consume on a regular day can affect the way the body works and the cravings that you feel. In short, even the liquids that we drink can induce cravings for all kinds of different sweets. Therefore, if you really want to eliminate all of the strong urges that you experience, you need to pay close attention to how much water you are drinking.

Based on some of the latest research studies, water is a natural appetite suppressant that people need to control their weight. This is why most diet regimens highly recommend drinking a certain amount of water every day. For instance, when a dieter is dehydrated because of the lack of drinking enough water, the body knows that it needs hydration to satisfy its thirst. Unfortunately, the craving for hydration can also emulate the strong desires for eating sweets and other unhealthy foods.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Not all chocolate bars are the same. This means you need to know the difference between the chocolate bars that cause you to crave more and those that will help to suppress your cravings. For instance, if you want to suppress cravings, you need to buy dark chocolate (types made from the seeds of a cocoa tree). Dark chocolate has a wide range of health benefits, including stabilizing blood sugar. As it stabilizes the body's blood sugar, it reduces the appetite and the strong desire for sugary foods.